Our project
Carpets & Flooring

Since its start in 2012 and during the period that not to be long in the Libyan market stating in 2012, Arkno has accomplished many projects through its five showrooms and under supervision of Projects and Design Department . The projects were for many companies and governmental institutions. Here below some of the projects:

  • Mellitah oil and gas company. (Carpet tiles installation)
  • Waha Oil Company, at Burj Abou Lailah (Carpet installation)
  • Libyana Mobile Phone company, at their headquarters (Carpet tiles installation) Arkno is the exclusive flooring provider for Libyana company.
  • Huawei Mobile Company, Libyan brunch – at their headquarters in Tripoli. (Carpet tiles installation)
  • Almadar Aljadid Mobile company, Benghazi brunch. (Carpet tiles installation)
  • Maitiga International Airport , Tripoli. (Carpet installation)
  • Installation of healthcare flooring at many hospitals and clinics, for example, El-gadra Haspital, Murzik Hospital, Elfardous Clinic, El-Markaziah Clinic, Salah Eldein Clinic, The clinic of Libyana Mobile Co. , in addition to the installation of the ICU’s and operation rooms of El hikma Hospital one of well known private hospitals in Misrata. (Conductive & Antistatic Vinyl Installation)
  • Install floorings at many of stores and coffees hopes in Tripoli such as Twister and Yaghorti etc . . (Laminate, Vinyl and carpet tiles installation)
  • Install carpet of mosques at many mosques in Tripoli and the surrounded cities, which exceeded 20 mosques just in 2017 – 2018 covering more than 12000 square meters.